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The Real Soil Company

Adding Science To Nature To Create Super Products

All our products are natural, organic and 100% peat free topsoil, with no added chemicals or artificial fertilisers.


SuperLawn Dressing


100% natural and peat-free

Can be used for seeding, dressing and turfing

Lawns grow better and establish quicker

Organic with a high consistency and resilience

Lawns will have an improved root structure and resilience to drought

Perfect for customers with a social conscience

Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil

100% natural topsoil.

100% peat-free, eco-friendly & sustainable.

Significantly increased nutritional content.

PAS100 certified enhancers.

veg & fruit
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100% natural ingredients.

100% traceability.

100% peat-free, eco-friendly & sustainable.

Significantly increased nutritional content.

Meets and improves on the BS3882 standards.


Make the Peat Free Pledge

The Real Soil Company is encouraging the nation’s gardeners to go peat-free, but why does being peat-free matter and why should gardeners be reaching for peat-free?

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Show us what amazing plant life you have grown with The Real Soil Company.


Summer is just around the corner for us gardeners and when looking for the best way to keep our lawns perfect and healthy, look at our SuperLawn 100% natural soils. They keep grass and flowers healthy for years to come. ​

Buy yours now:​

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Looking to improve your lawn for summer?​

Our new SuperLawn is perfect for feeding, dressing or turfing, everything you need to establish or maintain a healthy lawn in one soil! ​

How? Our SuperLawn’s natural ‘boosters’ will stimulate quicker lawn establishment and better resilience against drought, whilst also creating a thick and healthy lawn.​​

Stocked in retailers UK wide, find out more here:

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We are stocked in high-performing garden centres and online retailers across England, Scotland and Wales.​​

​Find your nearest stockist:

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Slugs and snails have begun to emerge, so you need to think about protecting your plants.​​

You could use copper rings, wildlife-friendly slug pellets or you could encourage more Thrushes and Frogs to your garden- the gardener’s best friend when it comes to getting rid of slugs and snails.​​

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