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The Real Soil Company

Adding Science To Nature To Create Super Products

The new 100% natural, organic, peat free & veganic SuperSoil has been created to help plants get off to the best possible start, without causing environmental damage.

Packed full of organic nutrients for optimal plant health, The Real Soil Company’s SuperSoil is the solution gardeners have been searching for.


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100% natural ingredients.

100% traceability.

100% natural, eco-friendly & sustainable.

Significantly increased nutritional content.

Meets and improves on the BS3882 standards.


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Plants grow better and establish quicker.

Plants are more resilient to pests and disease.

Edible crops are nutritionally enhanced.

Organic with high consistency and resilience.

Developed, tested and proven by the latest in soil research.

Perfect for customers with a social conscience.

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Make the Peat Free Pledge

The Real Soil Company is encouraging the nation’s gardeners to go peat-free, but why does being peat-free matter and why should gardeners be reaching for peat-free?

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Show us what amazing plant life you have grown with SuperSoil.


Seeding season may have begun for some, but if you are yet to start, make sure you use SuperSoil!

SuperSoil’s natural ‘boosters’ will stimulate quicker plant establishment and better resilience against pests and disease, whilst also enabling edible crops to benefit from nutritional enhancement and a higher crop yield.
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You need to understand how your fruit tree grows before pruning. Does it need to reach maturity before it produces fruit, does it flower on old or new wood?

Pruning your fruit trees now depends on what you are also trying to achieve. Pruning an apple tree hard now will create lots of new growth but no flowers, which means no fruit. If you wish to reduce growth leave your pruning till summer.

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Go Peat Free with The Real Soil Company.

The destruction of natural peat land in the UK has become an urgent issue for British growers. Peat is the largest land-based store of carbon and when it comes into contact with air, its carbon combines with oxygen and is released as harmful CO2 – one of biggest threats to our environment.

Make the #peatfreepledge -find out more on our website.

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Find out how to plant out your Christmas Tree in the latest Wille the Worm blog.

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If you have not done so already, plant your tulips as soon as possible. Tulips planted now may bloom later than those planted in November.

If you are planting them straight into your garden, ensure they are planted at least 4 inches deep.

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