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Soil Science

Adding science to nature has enabled us to create SuperSoil – an Enhanced Natural Topsoil. 

SuperSoil meets a higher environmental, physical and nutritional standard than is currently specified in BS3882.

The SuperSoil difference 

Did you know that a typical bag of topsoil from the garden centre or DIY store can have a high sand content and include wood fibre, peat, plastic and even glass from green waste sources?  

Many of the bestselling topsoils are little more than 80% sand and 20% compost, in stark contrast with The Real Soil Company’s nutrient dense, organic SuperSoil – which features enriched soil and nothing else. 

This wondrous SuperSoil with its high phosphorous content consistently outperforms other topsoil brands, stimulating plant respiration and growth and providing the perfect foundation for luxuriant foliage and vividly coloured flowers. 

Last but not least, being entirely composed of organic plant material this high performing SuperSoil also meets the needs of vegan gardeners who want a product which aligns with their own ethos. 

The fantastic benefits to using SuperSoil over a manufactured soil

Quality Assured: 100% natural ingredients + 100% traceability.

Compliant: Meets current BS3882 standards but delivers superior performance.

Environmental Excellence : 100% natural, eco-friendly & sustainable.

Nutrition: Significantly increased nutritional content, retention & output.

Water Dynamics : Absorbs, retains & releases moisture in a controlled manner.

Carbon Friendly: Captures and absorbs carbon from the atmosphere.

Physical Properties : Balanced, consistent, workable and durable texture.

Biological Activity: Increased biological profile and performance.

Can we prove it? 

We partnered with an independent soil scientist to conduct a series of tests, aimed at identifying the ideal soil composition for plant growth, water dynamics and physical handling properties. We were firm believers that a natural topsoil is better for the above than manufactured soils. SuperSoil has been enhanced further still to meet the narrower specification margins that we believe are paramount to plant health.

The video below details the research behind the benefits of SuperSoil.  

A more detailed specification is available on request.