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Customer Review: This is proper soil


This year we planted quite a few different crops for the first time, nothing too difficult, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I am doing the same again for next season plus planting some herbs now. I filled a tray with this compost and the difference between this and the supermarket compost we bought earlier in the year is noticeable straight away. This is proper soil, it feels like soil, and it can be watered properly, the supermarket stuff felt artificial, and water seemed to run off of it. I have been doing some reading on soils and nutrients on gardening sites as we want a better crop next time and read that loam-based compost retains water and nutrients much better than others and is better for everything except cactuses that prefer a dry soil. I made much less mess using this and I can see no plastic pieces like I did with the store bought one. It is peat free, that is very important to me as I live near peat marshes and see the wonderful wild life it attracts. I have only planted up some herbs so far and have plenty left to plant up tomatoes and peppers. Very good price for such good quality.