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December Gardening Tips

Hello everyone! Are we all feeling festive and ready for Christmas? Many of you will have already chosen your Christmas tree and decorated it beautifully. I am here with some tips to help your Christmas Tree last as long as possible, no matter what type you choose.  

Christmas Tree

Firstly, never place your tree near the radiator or other heat source, it will immediately begin the drop its needles and droop. Keep it as cool as possible, by placing it in a conservatory, orangery or in a draughty hallway, as they are adapted to cope with cold winter conditions.   

I would always recommend choosing a Christmas Tree with roots, even if you do not plan on planting or keeping it. It will help to keep the number of needles lost to a minimum, as you can water it and provide more nutrients through the soil.  However, if you do choose a tree without roots, fill the tree holder with water. By treating it like a cut flower it will help to prevent needles shedding. 

Christmas also brings a huge demand for Poinsettia, either to be given as gifts or bought to make your home look more festive. They do not like cool nights or big fluctuations in temperature, so keep them in a room where there are no draughts, cold windows and where there is a constant average temperature. They do like a good watering and the best way to do this is by standing the pot in water for around 10 minutes, then letting the excess water drain away. But do let the compost dry out in between watering.  



This month, there is not much to do in the garden as the cold and frost has set it. But make sure to Provide food for birds that is as calorific as possible, such as seeds, nuts, and fat. Try to supply this in a hanging feeder, so that tits can land on them without being bullied away by larger aggressive birds.  Once you start to feed them, make sure you feed them regularly, as the birds need to know where their source of food is for the winter without having to use precious energy to find others if you leave it bare. Also ensure that you leave a fresh supply of water and check that it has not frozen over.    

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year! 

Willie the Worm