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Soil Improver

Our easy to use Soil Improver is designed to enhance soil health naturally. Powered by Maize, it is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other trace elements that improve soil biodiversity and health, leading to healthier and more resilient plants and vegetables.

100% chemical and Peat Free, this soil conditioner can be used as a protective mulch, soil boost and organic feed when mixed into your soil. The added essential organic matter is broken down slowly into a soil, supporting a natural ecosystem which is essential for healthy plant growth.


TRSC Soil Improver Front

Key benefits of our Soil Improver

When mixed into a soil or compost as a mulch, our Soil Improver has excellent water retention properties, perfect for reducing watering requirements during hotter months. Mulch’s also help to suppress weeds and keep plant roots warm during colder months.

  • 100% chemical-free and Peat-free
  • Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other trace elements
  • All year round soil nourishment
  • Made from Maize
  • Natural Soil Conditioner
  • Slow-release fertiliser
  • Water retention


How to use our slow release natural fertiliser

  • Mix into soil or compost before planting, bedding in, mixing (soil conditioner)
  • Use on surface as a top dressing (Mulch)

Scientifically proven results, our soil improver is good for:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Flowers and bulb planting
  • Trees
  • Hanging baskets and pots.

Did you know that natural topsoil is heavier than manufactured topsoil?

So, if a bag has more than 25 litres you are unlikely to be buying natural topsoil.