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Veg Plots and Roses

Date: Thursday, 25th Mar 2021 | Category: Blog

Hi Guys, it’s me again! How did you get on protecting your new shoots and planting some summer bulbs?

My next job for you is to start to have a bit of a tidy up- it is the perfect time to give your perennials a little trim before the new growth becomes advanced, this includes your Bush and Shrub varieties of Roses, as well as Buddleias, Honeysuckles and Hydrangeas. It is also your last chance to prune your Wisteria, which is vital to ensure it keeps flowering.

Now is the time to start preparing your veg plots.

If you are wanting to top up existing beds or create a whole new one, I would recommend using SuperSoil as your growing medium, it is a natural topsoil packed full of organic nutrients needed for optimal plant health and improved harvests. This means you do not need to add in any additional organic enrichment, it has already been done for you!

However, if you haven’t used SuperSoil, it is worth spending time improving your soil nutritional content to enhance your harvest, as most vegetables are hungry feeders.

Either way, you also need to make sure you break up the soil, so it is not compacted in readiness for the growing season.

Also, if you are a lover of Snowdrops, March is the time to plant them for next years display. They are best planted as small plants and not as blubs, as they are hard to establish. Remember, they are a woodland plant, which means they do not like too much sun, so plant them in a shaded area or under a shrub.

Finally, as the breeding season gets underway, make sure you do your bit for our wildlife. Keep putting out food for garden birds and you can place bug boxes or bundles of hallow stems in corners where insects can lay their eggs.

Willie the Worm