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Give lawns a boost with all-new SuperLawn from The Real Soil Company

Date: Monday, 23rd Jan 2023 | Category: General

Following the popularity of its SuperSoil and Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil, The Real Soil Company has broadened its portfolio to maximise lawncare sales potential by introducing all-new SuperLawn.  


New SuperLawn – one product is all you need

New SuperLawn is a rich blend of natural topsoil, soil improver and horticultural sand, designed to support seeding and turf laying and use as a lawn dressing. Not only is this a dream combination for consumers but for retailers it means that SuperLawn minimises its shopfloor footprint. No longer do retailers have to stock three different products, but for one third of the floorspace they can deliver everything the customer needs for ultimate lawn care, freeing up more space to stock complementary ranges.


Like all products in The Real Soil Company portfolio, SuperLawn does not feature artificial fertilisers or added chemicals. Instead, it is packed full of slow-releasing nutrients, trace elements and minerals, together helping lawns to thrive by improving the soil type and structure to give grass the healthiest start.


SuperLawn is also a natural and environmentally friendly choice for both retailers and consumers. PAS100 certified and screened to 3mm, this uniform texture helps to create a perfectly level lawn and is the ideal choice for both experienced and amateur gardeners.


New opportunities within lawn care

Like SuperSoil and Vegetable & Fruit – which together shaped a new chapter for topsoil by plugging a gap at the high-end of the market – SuperLawn will create more opportunities in peat-free, organic gardening, whilst also helping to extend the lawncare sales period into the autumn month, driving further profitability for retailers.


Simon Hedley, Managing Director at The Real Soil Company, said: “Sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening practices are here to stay, with consumers asking more from retailers and their supplier partners. At The Real Soil Company, green practices are at the heart of what we do, and we know our products land this message without compromising on results.


“The launch of SuperLawn is an exciting move into a new product category and is representative of our commitment to ensuring retailers are armed with greener, high-end solutions for the more discerning shopper.”


To find out more about SuperLawn and the broader product portfolio, please visit or email


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At a glance: SuperLawn from the Real Soil Company

  • SuperLawn can be used for seeding, dressing and turfing.
  • Using SuperLawn helps lawns to grow better and establish quicker
  • SuperLawn improves root structure and the lawn’s resilience to drought
  • Like all The Real Soil Company products, SuperLawn is organic with high consistency and resilience
  • SuperLawn is perfect for customers with a social conscience
  • SuperLawn- one product is all you need!