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Potatoes, Peas and Perpetual Spinach

Date: Friday, 30th Apr 2021 | Category: Blog

Have you been loving the delightful bursts of warmth we have been having? It has been marvellous to see more buds and shoots developing in the garden, as well as the lovely colours of tulips on display. 

As the weather has still been a bit on the chilly side this April, it is best to start planting out hardier veg. In sheltered areas you can begin to plant out potatoes, broad beans, carrots, cauliflower, spring peas and perpetual spinach.  

Potatoes take up a lot of space in the veg plot, if space is an issuepotatoes can be grown in large pots or containers. If you do decide to plant them in containers, it is important not to let them dry out, bearing in mind that April and May can be some of our driest months.  

Carrots can now be sown directly into the veg plotbut if you realise the carrot seed has failed to germinate, sow it again later as this may be due to the soil being too cold. Remember carrots always need protection from the carrot fly, this needs to be a physical barrier such as mesh, as they will severely damage the crop.  

April is also a suitable time to plant out Strawberries, they are hardy plants which can survive the changes in temperature. Just remember to protect the fruits from birds and other mammals.  

Onions and garlic are also super easy to grow, simply plant them to the correct depth in a sunny spot and watch them grow. They store well over winter, so it is perfect to grow enough to use well into the following winter. 

Willie the Worm