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It’s all about the veg

Date: Friday, 25th Jun 2021 | Category: Blog

The recent rain has brought much needed drink for our gardens, it will help fruits like strawberries to swell as well and provided a cooler and moist environment for us. Did you manage to get your summer bedding plants in or create your stunning hanging baskets? 

It is now safe to plant out all remaining vegetables, as the risk of frost has normally passed by now. But still try to plant tender vegetables such as cucumbers, squashes and courgettes in sheltered areas. 

Remember vegetables and fruit that are planted or seeded together, will be ready at the same time. So, to avoid gluts, you should plant them at fortnightly intervals. Remember to consider what and where you are growing. The growing season in the south of the country is longer than in the north and fast-growing vegetables like lettuces can be grown later in the month, unlike squashes which need the whole season to grow.  

Wherever and whatever you are planting, there will always be weeds and in some cases, it is hard to tell the difference between seedlings and weeds. One of the ways to combat this it to plant in straight lines, as weeds do not grow in straight lines.  To make it even easier to get rid of the weeds, plant your rows wide enough to get a hoe in between. It allows you to easily run the hoe over the ground to remove the weeds. 

If you are growing potatoes, you need to ensure they are watered regularly in dry spells.  Depending on the weather and your planting times some potatoes maybe ready for harvesting now. Potatoes will not be ready until after they have flowered, you can also check by carefully removing the soil and seeing if they are the correct size. If they are too small just cover them back over and check again in a few more weeks.  

Also remember to protect your crops from hungry animals like those pesky pigeons by using nets and mesh supported by frames. They love to feed on strawberries, new onion and garlic growth and Brassica among others. Make sure you keep some for yourselves! 

Willie the Worm