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The end of summer

Date: Friday, 20th Aug 2021 | Category: Blog

Well then, how have you all been? Our lovely British weather just cannot seem to make its mind up, it’s hot, then rains, then it’s cold, then it’s hot! Anyway, as this season is coming to an end, I have a few garden tips for you that will help keep your garden looking at its best. 

First off, is that beautifully fragrant Wisteria. It is essential you prune your Wisteria, so that it flowers each year. Now it is time for its summer prune. Cut off any long, weak growth and all the lateral growth from the base. This helps to keep it strong and healthy, allows you to train the Wisteria in the direction you would like it to grow and enables you to check any drainpipes or stonework nearby where it may have caused damage.  

You may have noticed some black spots on your roses, as the summer goes on, roses become more prone to it. It makes the leaves turn yellow and fall off, you need to ensure that you remove these diseased leaves and destroy them. Do not let them compost, as this will keep the disease prevalent in the area. It is recommended to spray your roses, to keep them healthy and reduce the chance of further diseases and infestation. 

Some flowers may now be past their best and will be beginning to fade, so it’s time to trim and prune these plants to help keep your garden looking tidy.  

Lavender is one plant that is now ready for its trim. Remove the flowers and trim back into a neat shape to stop it going woody, but remember to keep some green shoots as lavender will not regrow from wood. However, with French lavender you just need to keep deadheading. Continuing with this dead heading theme, dead head for as long as possible to encourage your summer display to bloom.   

Also, it is not too late to cut back perennials that are past their best, like hardy geraniums, Cat Mint and Delphiniums. Prune them back to a neat shape, they may or may not flower again this season as it depends on the weather, but they will grow fresh foliage that is much more pleasing to the eye.  

Willie the Worm