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Welcome to Autumn

Date: Friday, 24th Sep 2021 | Category: Blog

Hello again, I hope you’ve been well! Welcome to autumn, it’s been an odd start to the season with the recent heat and dry spells. This time, I have a few ideas to kick off autumn. 

Autumn is the time of year to do some garden-keeping. Cut back faded summer growth, clean up plant debris and clean paths. Once your borders are tidy, you can lay a generous layer of compost on – you won’t need to worry about digging it in, me and my friends will do that for you. 

Before the frost comes in, lift some of the more tender plant species’ like rhizomes or tubers out and store them in dry compost trays. Make sure to clean the soil from them before putting them into the trays. Only the top of crown of these should be visible above the compost trays. Leave the trays somewhere cool and dry over the winter, for replanting in spring. 

If you’ve not already done so, mow and aerate your lawn while the ground is still relatively dry and soft. If you’ve never aerated your lawn, just take a garden fork and poke holes into the ground about every 10cm. 

Speaking of mowing the lawn, before a lot of the garden tools get left in the shed over the winter, it’s worth giving them all a good clean. Cleaning the tools will help them to stay in good condition and not rust, ready to be used well in the spring. 

Willie the Worm