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Time to get in the veg patch

Date: Friday, 11th Feb 2022 | Category: Blog

Well didn’t January just fly by! As we are edging closer and closer to spring, the soil is slowly warming up making it the perfect time to get your veg patch up and running.  


If you are wanting to top up existing beds or create a whole new one, I would recommend using SuperSoil as your growing medium, it is a natural topsoil packed full of organic nutrients needed for optimal plant health and improved harvests. This means you do not need to add in any additional organic enrichment, it has already been done for you! 


However, if you haven’t used SuperSoil, it is worth spending time improving your soil nutritional content to enhance your harvest, as most vegetables are hungry feeders. 

Either way, you also need to make sure you break up the soil, so it is not compacted in readiness for the growing season. 


You can now sow rocket directly into your veg patch, leave 6 to 9 inches between each plant to allow them to develop a strong root system and cut as needed. One advantage of sowing rocket now is that it evades the pesky flea beetle.  You can also sow broad beans too, sow them 8 inches part in two rows.  


Sow your first batch of tomatoes. Fill your seed tray with SuperSoil and scatter the seeds over the top, gently cover the seeds with a thin layer of SuperSoil. Then leave them on a warm windowsill for them to germinate.  


Willie the Worm