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Spring is in the air

Date: Friday, 11th Mar 2022 | Category: Blog

How horrendous has the February weather been? So much wind and rain. But we have begun to see the first signs of spring, snow drops and spring bulbs have begun to push through the soil ready to bring much needed colour to our gardens.  


March is a good time to give your lawn its first cut of the year, but just give it a light trim, not cutting it down to summer length. This will help your lawn to be healthier and more drought resistant in summer, as it will encourage strong root growth. It would be best to wait for a dry period before mowing. 


It is the perfect time to give your perennials a little trim before the new growth becomes advanced, this includes your Bush and Shrub varieties of Roses, as well as Buddleias, Honeysuckles and Hydrangeas. It is also your last chance to prune your Wisteria, which is vital to ensure it keeps flowering throughout the summer. 


When your spring bulbs begin to die back tie or tidy their leaves, do not cut them back as they are needed for photosynthesis to ensure next year’s flowers bloom. Wait till they are no longer green. March is still a bit too early in the year to begin planting due to the risk of frost, but you can begin to plant summer bulbs such as Alliums to keep your garden in colour. 


Willie the Worm