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Summer Time in the Garden

Date: Friday, 10th Jun 2022 | Category: Blog

Summer is just around the corner!  A time for you to enjoy your garden in all its glory, with longer, lighter evenings and hopefully some sunshine. 


It is now safe to plant out all remaining vegetables, as the risk of frost has normally passed by now. But still try to plant tender vegetables such as cucumbers, squashes and courgettes in sheltered areas.  Remember vegetables and fruit that are planted or seeded together, will be ready at the same time. So, to avoid gluts, you should plant them at fortnightly intervals.  


Your apple and pear tree’s may now deposit lots of small fruits onto the ground, don’t worry this is completely normal. This is known as the ‘June Drop, where your trees are reducing the amount of fruit they carry, to successfully ripen those that remain. To ensure you get the best fruit from your trees, it is a good idea to remove the smallest fruit before your tree does this for you.   


Sow biennials in a seed tray or pots so that they can grow strong roots and foliage before you can plant them where you want them to grow in the autumn. Wallflowers, Honesty, Foxgloves, Aquilegias and other biennials differ from annuals as they develop foliage and roots in one season and flower in the next.   


Finally, many of your plants are now in their prime, so you need to make sure to deadhead your them at least once a week to prolong flowering.  


Enjoy your garden whilst it is at its best! 


Willie the Worm