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Date: Friday, 23rd Sep 2022 | Category: Blog

Hi again! I hope you all enjoyed the hot sunny weather we have been having. But I must say, our lawns have certainly not enjoyed it at all. But don’t worry! September is the perfect time of year for lawncare. 


Whether you are sowing, laying new turf or wanting to repair worn out patches, September provides the best conditions. The soil is not too wet or dry and the soil id warm enough to promote root growth. 


If it is a worn area or small patch of grass that needs replacing, rake away any weeds and moss, and scatter grass seed over the area. Water it well and keep it damp, the seed should begin to germinate in several days. But do not mow it for at least a month.  


If it is a larger area that requires new turf to be laid, loosen the soil first and cut a piece of turf to fit, make sure that the edges are butted tightly to the existing grass. Again, it should not be mowed or walked on until its roots have established.   


Finally, you can also start planting Spring bulbs that you can enjoy next year. The bulbs you should get in first are the Daffodils, plant them at a depth of three times their own depth. Planting them too shallow is one of the main reasons why daffodils do not develop. Other spring bulbs you can plant include Crocus, Hyacinths and Bluebells, plus many more.   


Willie the Worm