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Peat Free Pledge

Date: Wednesday, 05th Oct 2022 | Category: General

The Real Soil Company explains how it will meet the new Government legislation for amateur gardeners and help save the environment for future generations


On 27th August 2022, in a press release issued jointly by Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Natural England and The Rt Hon Lord Benyon, the UK Government announced that the sale of horticultural peat for use in the amateur gardening sector will be banned by 2024.


The new legislation is being implemented to prevent further degradation to the UK’s largest, but rapidly diminishing, natural carbon store – our native peatlands – and to help preserve our uniquely beautiful landscapes for future generations.


When it comes to natural peat free topsoil The Real Soil Company has been leagues ahead of many other UK soil producers, with its range of vegan-friendly topsoils that are specially enhanced with ethically sourced organic components. Not only do the original SuperSoil, Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil and SuperLawn already appeal to discerning amateur gardeners seeking environmentally-friendly growing media, they perfectly meet new legislation well ahead of the 2024 peat ban.


Already an improvement on the BS3882 standards for compliance and reliability, The Real Soil Company brings 100% natural ingredients and material traceability to its entire range. The natural boosters, which make The Real Soil Company’s portfolio of products such horticultural heroes, also provide quicker plant establishment, better moisture retention and improved resilience against pests and disease, whilst also delivering enough nutritional enhancement to bring a higher crop yield to edibles.


The Real Soil Company MD, Simon Hedley, said: “Consumer demand for eco-friendly growing media has been steadily building over the past two years and is now at an all-time high. This will continue to rise ahead of the 2024 ban on peat-based soil and compost for amateur gardeners and we are perfectly placed to serve the needs of all the British growers who want to maintain crop performance whilst meeting the new peat-free requirements. Garden centres and nurseries who are nervous about the impending ban or those that lack a true understanding that most soils presently available in garden centres are manufactured substitute products using waste or poor-quality peat as the organic ameliorant, can rest assured that they won’t have to compromise on quality or performance with The Real Soil Company products. Peat free is the right way to go for our industry and the environment.”


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The Real Soil Company portfolio


The original SuperSoil from The Real Soil Company has been ‘super charged’ with organic single-source plant-derived materials that are expertly blended with the finest natural topsoil.  This exceptional formula consistently outperforms current market-leading topsoils in its phosphorous, potassium and magnesium content, plus organic matter which improves soil structure, water retention and drought tolerance. SuperSoil is also free of the low-quality inorganic fillers which so many soil brands rely on to bulk out their bags.


Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil

Teeming with organic nutrients for optimal plant health, specialist Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil perfectly blends 100% natural topsoil with 100% organic peat-free compost that is PAS100 certified. Entirely free of chemicals or artificial fertilisers, each bag incorporates slow-release nutrients, trace elements and minerals to continually boost plants throughout the growth cycle. Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil will also improve soil type and structure, helping it to retain more water whilst offering better resistance against pests and diseases.



Brand new for 2023, all-in-one SuperLawn is a rich blend of natural topsoil, soil improver and horticultural sand, delivering the ideal ground for perfect garden lawns. Teeming with slow-release nutrients, trace elements and minerals, SuperLawn will improve the soil structure and give lawn grass the best possible start, without the use of artificial fertilisers or added chemicals. As well as opening up more opportunities for peat-free, organic gardening, SuperLawn will help extend the lawncare sales period into autumn.